In a facebook conversation with ineffabelle on July 17th, Hernando shed some light on the TENOME Lab facility:

well when i asked why the place was in the middle of an island the tour guide said something like "we dont want anyone to disrupt our great projects"but later clarified "animal rights activists, they are a pain"

they had stuff on their headsand stuff with their brains for research pretty bloody, i stayed away from those placesno wonder they were in an island, theyd dint want PETA around. explains the armed guards. i only got to see like 10% of the facility

In a different conversation, this time with player Bartock on July 19th, Sofia (Sonia) recalled this about the work that was being performed at TENOME:

Hi, Iam,

they made some experiments with the apes there. I think it was something with brain, dunno. I study sociology, so I don't really know, what it was there. But the apes weren't really happy with that experiments…

The labor-workers said, it is for our future, and that everybody would be glad to sacrifice if we would know the future. Dunno, perhaps I misunderstood something. They spoke Engrish, so I haven't understood everything. You know, if a Russian and Japanese speaks English with each others about complicated themes and about science, it can go into wrong direction, but it's great experience

Ah, and there was a cool experiment: a mouse, that is remotely controlled. It was kinda creepy. I mean, the mouse lived and run in the direction you want. Well, I said cool, but if I think about my essay, it was kind of my "negative future seeing part": people are controlled by media and aren't responsible for their doing anymore. But I also wrote, it is very powerfull tool (media etc.), so its use can have also good functions like bringing people away from crime with sending positive messages etc. I don't really like subliminal things, but if you know, how to use it, it can be very good for our society.

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