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Wonderful Facts From El Libro De Los Lamentos
A translation from the found in Santa Anna's library in San ?????.
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An image of the cover of the book was sent to us by LISA on ??/??/2008.

An image of one of the pages of the book was sent to us by LISA on ??/??/2008.


The book is blamed for strange events and the eventual destruction of The Beach Hotel in Galveston in 1898. It could be that the book is a copy of the Necronomicon translated from spanish. Hernando Santamaria is searching for this book.

In a facebook conversation with player ineffabelle on July 17th, Hernando had this to say about the legend of the book:

Well the story goes that it was some book in france. Something forbiden knowledge or something. well the book turned out in spain it was translated into spanish there and then sent to the new world. But the catholic church wanted to have it, part of the reason behind the inquisition the book turned out in mexico, where it was given to santa anna. and nobody knows after that or what the book was or so they say. popular thing here in valencia

Nobody knows [what the forbidden knowledge is], but people would tend to go insane, or things would happen to those who possesed it. here in valencia theres a house of a powerful man who owned it, everyone in the household was found hanging and the book missing. I dont remember [the man's name], it happend in the 1600s. Don something. is a local thing on a small town outside of valencia. ill go ask around next week for you.

Also, Hernando had this to share:

so the book is in texas? or was at one point, san jacinto? whats there?

i have no idea… this person LISA LISA who emailed me thinks Eklipse is lookin for the last copy of it for some reason. she wants me to help them find it before they do

why do they want it orwhy does EG wants it

i don't know… but if it WERE real… it sounds like whoever had it would wield a lot of power

well spain was at its climax of power when the book was there. now is in the us. makes sense but… well i dunno. i dont beleive in that kind of stuff

In a follow up conversation with player ineffabelle on July 19th, Hernando gave a lot more detail about the legend behind the destruction of The Beach Hotel and the role the book played in all of it (the conversation has been edited a little for brevity's sake):

well is just that this is just too weird, like that old man in galveston some old man that was at the beach when i visited a couple days ago he was talking crazy talk i dunno, he was homeless. very old like ancient he talked about stories his father told him of how galveston used to be before the hurracaine apparently back in the days of old galveston you know, that island in texas well it used to be a very important port, today is a big spring break place anyhow the old >man heard from his father that the town wasnt doing very well. it wasnt growing, and the economy was slowing down or something well one day one man came with a book or something and started secret meetings I dont remember the rest, but the town started to pick up and became one of the most prosperous towns in the united states. but apparently things went on in the dark, strange things. he said that some people were offered to the sea oh i dunno what book it was or if was a book at all, he hinted towards it but not sure, might have been something else.

these people were very powerful, they had secret meetings in what was called the beach hotel. rumors said that they did sacrifises and some weird stuff well something went wrong and in 1898 the place was misteriously burned down completely and strange things started to happen again. bad things after the fire, cattle started to dissapear and then people, starting with homeless people i dont remember the number he said, 60? lots of people were turning missing and everyone turned on the secret society who apparently were going to do something big. one of their annual festivals or days of prayer worship whatever is called a week later the hurracane struck and everything was washed away no evidence was ever found of the cult. or anything

i found a link

supposedly it was built to house the secret rites and stuff that was some old crazy man, but cool story

well here is the big twist the old man told me before he passed out from drinking apparently some of this secret society survived and eventually relocated in New orleans and he hinted of the similar events that happened there with that other hurracaine


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