July 31st

At least one Eklipsestipendiate is still alive. Sofia Nadhezdina sent mails to some players.
In one of them she insists on seeing faces in the pictures she took in Tokyo which are clearly blacked out.

What? Jo is dead? I cannot believe it! She is just on her party mood, I know her :-)

And why should a killer want to kill us? And especially by Eklipse Global? They are cool and nice people, they cannot do such things. It is no meaning in someway.

Anyway, thanx, I will take care. I like such thrillers - you can ask Paul about our little adventure in Tokyo :-)

But don't worry about me, my father is an old spetznas man, he can endanger criminals with only two fingers :-)

Btw, do you know Second Life‘? It’s really cool there - I found this program today and counldn't stop to be there, lol. If you come there, I'm Sonechka Svoboda :-)

And if you have contact to Hernando or Jo, greet them from me! :-)

ehm, auwidersen :-)
P.S. I don't really know about Angel Garzias, who is he?

Player Teh Reaper got 2 similar mails:


Hi there!

Thanx, I'm OK. I wasn't recently online but now I have time. Jo and Hernando are often so busy, don't worry, it's normal. Sometime, if I write Jo an email, I got the answer one week later Smile And Hernando alsways forgets to reply me, so all his emails are just apologizings Smile

Btw, do you know Second Life? I found this cool program and I cannot stop to be there Smile
You can always find me ther, I'm Sonechka Svoboda Smile


Oh, I hope it's just a fake. I mean, I haven't got any alarming email by Jo. I suppose, she is just playing wild as sometimes, you know Smile
But what is about Kuromori-sensei? Why she wrote he missing or something? I've to write her an email to put her hands away from my favourite prof, hihi Smile

My Facebook? I can clearly see all the pictures there! I send you one more - I like the impressions of people faces, as I made photographs of random Japanese on the streets. This is my most favourite picture - look at their eyes, they are really cute Smile

I'll second life today! yey!

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