July 30th

Joanna Durbeyfield receives an email with a page out of a newspaper that describes Angel Garcia's death. Attached to the newspaper is an ominous note saying "You are next Joanna".

Later Joanna was in a Facebookchat with player Eleni and sent her this mail:

That is what I know

-Original Message-
From: Joanna Durbeyfield [mailto:joanna.durbeyfield[at]googlemail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 8:26 AM
To: linad[at]freemail.gr
Subject: Re: pic

i got this by email, i am trying to go back to my parents, what should i do? do you think is just a joke?

I am sorry, i dont have much time in the computer.

Ill talk to you later hopefully


Go to the files below for the according chatlog which draws a dark picture ( sent by Eleni to player Dibtych ) .

From that date no one had contact with Joanna and she is considered dead.

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