July 28th

Player NoRiskNoFun received an email from Angel Garcia saying:

Thanks I am fine, i am getting down to mexico, but i think i am being followed. However i heard that there is this priest in this small town that said that could help me, i am getting there soon. ill write more as i go on. I dont know about the book. people said they got it from LISA? and they sent it to me, somehow its linked to my dreams and eklipse global. no idea why.

Angel Garcia posted his final entry on his blog reporting that he was back in Mexico and investigating the Eklipse lab there. The full text reads:

Here we are. Security has been enforced since last time I came to check out the place. But that is ok, because they have dozens, if not hundreds of these antenas. assembled in patterns that stretch out for miles. There are rumors in the town that someone is also looking for me. I was told to contact the local priest, he can help me find a good hiding spot if things were to get ugly.

There was a video clip embeded in the blog. The video can be found here.

The EG-Page has changed. Two countdowns were running. ETA: August 5th.

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