July 19th

On July 19th, players pancito and Marrok recieved packages containg sway (lucky, lucky, lucky). An inventory and description of the contents follows:

Package from:

1127 Danforth Rd.
Providence RI

Three things… Two pictures with the names I've given them written on the back. (Same hand as the address) Providence is obviously a 'Pod, but Berlin is hard to make out. Yes, they do look like photos of monitors or something with all the scan lines.

Third item was a military dress hat? that has the emblem of the DDR (East Germany) sewn onto the front and a pin reading "Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik" identical to the emblem here. On the inside is a stencil that reads "DDR 52 1856 1968" and looks original to the hat.

A paper crane was in Marrok's package but not in pancito's.

Photos of the contents can be found in the Images section.

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