July 10th

Despoiler receives a letter from CEO of Global Eklipse saying that they have been denied the winning spot in their marketing campaign.

Despoiler Article

Discussion starts on the forums and we find the Global Eklipse Website. There is a "Contact Us" page on the site and several players requested information from the company.

After some more research, we find some youtube videos. The Global Eklipse Commercial. The sound clip used on the website and a strange video from Angel Garcia. These videos led to Global Eklipses youtube page, Angel Garcia's youtube page and Angel Garcia's blog. On his blog is his email address, moc.liamg|5891aicrag.legna#moc.liamg|5891aicrag.legna.

Some more searching on Youtube found Kuromoritoshio's page, which led to the blog.

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