Joanna Durbeyfield

Joanna Durbeyfield was a previous year winner of the Eklipse Global travel abroad competition. Her facebook account can be found here:


Joanna and Hernando Santamaria (another contest winner) dated while they were both in Tokyo at the TENOME Lab, but it ended badly and she doesn't like the guy anymore.

Joanna also suffers from bad dreams and the constant weird humming noise.

Joanna was the person to identify the strange "branch" symbol that LISA sent us in an email dated ??/??/????. Following is her description of what the symbol means:

well it was only in one place at the Tenome Labs in japan in our tour we went a little bit near the highest security sector. we werent allowed in, but everyone coming out and going in had to wear a thing on their neck with that symbol i dont know why they would do that and it was on the walls too. but not everywhere. just the lowest floor where they kept something but i have no idea what.

It was Joanna that received the newspaper article describing Angel's death although she doesn't describe where she got it or who sent it to her. She forwarded the information to player dibtych. Taped to the front of the newspaper was a note spelled out in letters cut from a magazine saying "You are next Joanna".

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