Hernando Santamaria

Hernando is Spanish and one of the four winners of the previous years Eklipse Global travel abroad competition. Hernando's facebook account can be accessed here:


Hernando suffers from nightmares and blackouts which are speculated to have started as a result of the time he spent studying in Tokyo at the Eklipse Global research center there. Here is a quote from an email Hernando sent to player Bartok:

…thought they did, but they seem to have come back. when they went away a humming replaced it. but i dont know anymore. they are so horrible! i havent slept for like 2 days. i dont want to start taking drugs to sleep, but it might be the only thing that i have left. i went with the priest and he seemed shocked when i somewhat tried to explain my dreams. so hard to write down. the horrors. i will try to write them down. i dont know, i also have the feeling of going to galveston island.

The bad dreams are centered around some tentacled sea monster and seem to be shared by all the previous winners.

Hernando travelled to Galveston where he met an old man on the beach who told him the story of The Beach Hotel which was destroyed by fire in 1898. The old man on the beach told Hernando that a book was to blame for the odd events and eventual destruction of the place. This prompted Hernando to start looking for the book "Wonderful Facts from El Libro De Los Lamentos".

Hernando asked player ineffabelle to set up a secret blog for him so he could covertly keep us up-to-date on his efforts to find the mysterious book. We've added the information below to give due credit to the cryptic workings of ineffabelle's brain:

Ok I setup a private blog for Hernando on wordpress.


To avoid the hassle of you all having to make usernames and login I made a communal login that has permission to view the blog.

To be extra safe (and just for the heck of it) I made all the usernames and passwords using a Vigenere Keyed Cipher:

Alphabet Key = bookofsorrows
Passphrase = mentonetexas

So I made Hernando's Username = Hernando Santamaria = ktvgccqujsyyxbyzjy. So if the bad guys are still looking for him on the web they won't find him under his username.

Anyway… for all of you to view the private blog I did this:

Player Username = unfiction = gotadgxuo
Player Password = eklipsediary = bhwaqutfxshk

So the long and and the sort of it is go to this blog: http://ellibrodeloslamentos.wordpress.com/

And use this Username: gotadgxuo
And this Password: bhwaqutfxshk

And then you should be able to view it! Phew.

Hernando begins to question his sanity in a conversation with player teh_lisa on July 21st:

Ok so Hernando is in serious trouble people. Basic idea is the humming gets louder when he presses on his head. He is seeing things everywhere that aren't human and they are following him. He went to 4 doctors and they don't see anything. I asked if he thought he got an implant without his permission and he said "you aren't supposed to take metal into the machine I didn't know they were in there" in re:MRI machine etc. He now wants to cut them out himself which I am trying to deter or at least get him to slice his head open in the er waiting room. He also thinks he is going crazy.

But then, in a strange twist, that same day player teh_lisa finds out that….

…someone broke into his apartment and knocked him out and took him to the hospital which is where he woke up. He then escaped. The person I talked to on FB wasn't him at all. He didn't try and hurt himself.

He is leaving Europe and heading for the US, in search of the book it seems. He said that Europe isn't safe.At this point he told me to tell one other person of his plans and otherwise tell no one. So let's let him be at this point. He did ask if he could leave messages on my voicemail when ever and I told him yes.

On August 1st, ineffabelle recieved Hernando's diary in the mail. Inside the cardboard envelope the diary was mailed in, Hernando wrote in "Life is just a dream." All info on the diary is HERE

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