Globalius Minotaur

Globalius is a character first introduced on Aug 6th by mail from EG.
He or she is a SecondLife avatar who met with 2 players one day later.
He asked the players to find 5 people who were willing to help because for security reasons he had to split up a clue into 5 pieces.
These must be put together to assemble a key that is the second part of a hint given in the mail linked above.

This will lead to SecondLife-chatlogs.

In short few points can be said about him:

- G. Minotaur was hired by EG - seemingly knows nothing of the preceding events incl. the murder of the dreamchildren.
- He fears to be tracked down by LISA
- asked of his nationality he answered he was a guardian ( whatever that means )
- He puts a task to the players. 5 parts of a new hint must be put together to re-assemble a key that will keep the King in Yellow from destroying earth
- The 5 parts will be sort of a chain. The end of the chain will be the second part announced in the mail.

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