Eklipse Global

EG - Eklipse Global Corporation

The Eklipse Global Foundation or Eklipse Global Corporation was founded in 1919 in Germany and was first named "Wilhelm & Söhne - Eisenbahngesellschaft ". By the time of WW2 they had become a large weapons manufacturer in germany that aftre the war developed into a multinational Corporate Entity with many operational fields like robotics, biotechnology, communications, spaceresearch and many more.

Their first appearance was on June 23rd when a commercial was posted on youtube.
Two weeks later members of some ARG related sites and blogs received a letter from EG´s CEO Xavier Reinhart.
In short he declines a (never proposed ) cooperation in form of a marketing campaign.
Shortly after this EG sent a flyer around that offered a 35.000$ scholarship and a trip to an EG´s research facility to the winners of a creativity contest.
Along with this the eklipsters-page went live.
Players are to submit their contributions to this contest according to EG´s rules. The 4 winners of the last year´s scholarship turned out to be the main characters which the players interacted with.

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