Aug 4th

The password for KuromoriToshios EG-account was found.
Player Sirpoins took Caps of the information revealed.
In short it tells the story of the so called dreamchildren ( last year´s winners of the scholarship ), and of the HAARP-like project named "TARANIS" which was sited in Mexico and Alaska.

Before the EG-site was pulled off completely, A flash appeared that was giving furher background-info on the EG-Foundation including Audiofiles (by player AzureWolf ) and textmessages ( by ineffabelle ) about the history about how EG was involved in the summoning of the king in yellow and now fears to be destroyed by him. EG urges the players to find the last copy of the Necronomicon so LISA cannot make use of it anymore.

The binary on these passages translates to:
"Taranis Has been compromised.
27% of Dolores Station Destroyed." ( Translation by player Morrow )

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