Aug 2nd

That day players received a mail from Paul Ferdinand:

just got an e mail from lisa:

Username: kuromoritoshio
Password: 8 Digit number.

They ( EG ) are already removing most of the information from their webiste, in fact the high level information has already been taken offline. if you are fast enough you might find something if you can log in. We cant get the password off the old man. but he will see. If the screen remains black, means you didnt log in. more than one person loged in at the same time with this same account might trigger the website to be shut down entirely, so be careful. dont bother into trying to create new accounts, this might alert them and will not give you access.

look for the 8 digit number, something you might have encountered before, something you might not remember, a detail. something.


Yes, i am part of LISA, #2.

The news is that Paul is now confirmed alive and claims to be part of the LISA-Organisation.

The hunt was on - Dozens of players were scanning all preceding Information to find out the 8 Digit number.

Player Ineffabelle received Hernando`s Diary by snail mail. In there he describes his journey through the U.S. to get a book called Le libro de los lamentos.

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