Aug 1st

On August 1st it was reported that Sofia was murdered by a stranger who set fire to her apartment. A portion of the chat log follows:
( Robby is player Sirpoins )
As for now only Paul Ferdinand and Hernando Santamaria are alive.
It also seems that Paul and Sofia were a couple.

Robby - you ok?
11:20amSofia: here is a man
11:22amRobby: man?
11:22amSofia: omg he is downstairs i closed my room and he is oustide the door
11:22amRobby: is there a way you can call for help??
11:22amSofia: he shouts where is hernando
11:23amRobby: call for help!
11:23amSofia: my phone is broken!
11:23amRobby: is there a window?
11:23amSofia: and my mobile phone is downstairs where the man
11:23amRobby: is there something i can do?? who should I call?
11:24amSofia: omg
11:24amRobby: sofia?
11:24amSofia: I#m here, but icant do anything
11:25amRobby: can I do something??
11:26amRobby: should I call someone?
11:26amSofia: but whom? I found now a pistole my fatherts pistole
11:27amRobby: whoever you want, the police? is the gun loaded?
11:28amSofia: yes, moment how can i do it? i have nevre did it
11:29amRobby: does it have a clip in the handle or a round chamber? tell whoever it is that you have a gun
11:29amSofia: ok the man is awy away he believs me I don#t know where is hernando
11:31amRobby: be careful, he may just be pretending to be away did you see him leave
11:31amSofia: what is this?
11:32amRobby: what?
11:32amSofia: there is something like watre under a door
11:33amRobby: ? is something coming from under the door?
11:35amSofia: fire! this is fire liwuid ofr thing
11:35amRobby: oh no!! is there a window?
11:35amSofia: the man said he want tro bring me outr as abear in Mexikop Oh, i know, where water is here is a hidden bar by my father!
11:36amRobby: be careful, water doesn't put out all fires
11:39amSofia: plesase say paul i love him! ösldkfnäalsf
11:39amRobby: why, are you ok??
11:41amSofia is offline.

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